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Torre Milano

The city elevates you

Torre Milano is the residential tower for people who love the thrill of living close to the sky, but know deep down there is nothing more extraordinary than everyday life.


opm srl


impresa rusconi

architectural project:

beretta associati

via stresa 22, milan


“The city elevates you”, the motto chosen to describe Torre Milano, has a double meaning. On the one hand it celebrates the height of the building, now a city landmark with its 24 floors. On the other it puts the spotlight on the people living inside it, who enjoy high-quality spaces and amenities.
the 24th floor viewpoint

Con la città che cambia

For the construction of Torre Milano, an existing plot located between Isola and Maggiolina was redeveloped. Located in a central, liveable and hyper-connected neighbourhood, the Tower is a stone’s throw from Porta Nuova. With its skyscrapers, the area symbolises the dynamic energy of Milan.

12.600 sqm

Commercial area


main features

Space for free time

Torre Milano’s high-end amenities and common areas contribute to elevating the lives of its inhabitants: the swimming pool and gym, the co-working space, the party room, the play area and garden. The outdoor spaces meet the needs of a contemporary lifestyle: on the top floor, the belvedere offers a unique viewpoint over the city, as do the apartment terraces.i.

Designed by architecture studio Beretta Associati, Torre Milano is inspired by the typical style of Milanese architecture, with pure geometric shapes and volumes that create the illusion of merging the interior and exterior. Built in reinforced concrete like the legendary Pirelli skyscraper and the Velasca tower, Torre Milano features a belvedere, terraces and lush green gardens.

expected completion

3rd quarter 2022

actual completion

october 2022

chi siamo

Impresa Rusconi, cantiere di innovazione

Impresa Rusconi è una storica impresa di costruzione che opera a Milano da più di cent’anni. Alla cultura e all’eccellenza del costruire unisce oggi capacità imprenditoriali e conscenze finanziarie che l’hanno resa protagonista della trasformazione urbana milanese.