Impresa Rusconi, building innovation

Since 1907, we have been committed to developing residential buildings that combine architectural quality and livability. We design them to be first and foremost functional, tailoring them to the needs of their future occupiers.

Over a century of construction.

  • 1907
  • 1927
  • 1942
  • 1977
  • 2006


Impresa Rusconi is born.

Carlo Rusconi, originally from Binago in the province of Como, moves to Switzerland and founds Impresa Rusconi. He develops his first projects in Winterthur and Davos.


Expansion in Milano.

The construction of the INPS headquarters in Piazza Missori, Milan, paves the way to a phase of expansion. It is followed soon after by the Ospedale Maggiore Niguarda, the Trade Unions building in Corso di Porta Vittoria, the Military Hospital in Baggio and the council houses in Calvairate.


Impresa Rusconi’s second generation.

During the construction of the RAI headquarters in Corso Sempione, designed by Gio
Ponti, Carlo Rusconi, the founder of Impresa Rusconi, suddenly passes away. He is replaced by his son, the engineer Pietro Carlo Rusconi.


Impresa Rusconi’s third generation.

Carlo Rusconi, who is named after his grandfather and is an engineer like his father, joins the company. Impresa Rusconi starts focusing increasingly on its own projects and the promotion of its real estate business. The following years see the development of the buildings on Via Canonica, Via Balestrieri, Via Bruzzesi, Via Vigliani, Via Monte San Genesio, Via Prampolini, Via Arese, Via Molino delle Armi and others.


Impresa Rusconi’s fourth generation.

The engineer Stefano Rusconi joins the company. The company begins to work on urban regeneration projects throughout the city.