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Naturally Ahead

nòvAmpèreis a building surrounded by greenery. A cutting-edge development, designed today to be ready for the future.


grm sviluppo srl


impresa rusconi + gestimm+ mangiavacchi pedercini

architectural project:

beretta associati

via ampere 56, milan


“Naturally ahead” is the motto of the residential development nòvAmpère. Completed in 2020, the building was acclaimed by the press as a virtuous example of sustainable construction. The first residential development with a smog-eating façade – the same technology used for Casa Italia at Expo 2015 – nòvAmpère was designed to be ready for the future, with a low environmental impact and great attention to green areas.
4,000 square metres park

Innovation in the heart of Città Studi

Innovation is in the DNA of Città Studi, a historic Milan neighbourhood built to house the campuses of the Polytechnic University of Milan and the science faculties of the University of Milan. For decades, this was also the location of the local headquarters of the National Research Council, which were later abandoned. nòvAmpère was built precisely in this area. The development has brought new life to the neighbourhood, in line with its history of innovation.

12.600 sqm

Commercial area


main features

nòvAmpère: contemporary design

Its design is a distinctive element of nòvAmpère. The interiors combine attention to aesthetics and rationality: spacious rooms lit by large windows and high-quality materials make for a home that is a pleasure to live in.

The project was designed by Studio Beretta, a leading name in Milanese and international architecture. The three companies that designed and built it are Gestimm, Impresa Rusconi and Mangiavacchi Pedercini: solid, competent and reliable companies, who have been working for over sixty years in the development and real estate sector.

expected completion

3rd quarter 2019

actual completion

3rd quarter 2019

chi siamo

Impresa Rusconi, cantiere di innovazione

Impresa Rusconi è una storica impresa di costruzione che opera a Milano da più di cent’anni. Alla cultura e all’eccellenza del costruire unisce oggi capacità imprenditoriali e conscenze finanziarie che l’hanno resa protagonista della trasformazione urbana milanese.