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The urban transformation of the underground MM4 construction sites in Milan

Thursday, 10 December 2020

While the Blue Line underground work proceeding, the new designs of the areas between via Sforza and via De Amicis were presented.

The construction of the underground becomes an opportunity to redevelop and give back to citizens the areas occupied by construction sites with more liveable spaces, greener, more sustainable mobility.

The basic idea is to create large pedestrian areas connected to each other by walking spaces , cycling and green areas. The work concern the redevelopment of 5 central areas: largo Augusto and via Verziere, via Francesco Sforza in the stretch from via Laghetto to corso di Porta Romana, via Santa Sofia station in the stretch from corso di Porta Romana to corso Italia, via Molino delle Armi and Piazza Resistenza Partigiana and via De Amicis.

All the works have some common objectives: to improve the quality of the urban space, redesigning and upgrading public spaces; strengthen the connection between the new underground line and the city; expand the areas with a clear pedestrian vocation; create new cycle paths (2 kilometers) in order to create an extended and homogeneous network intended to strengthen the environmental sustainability and efficient mobility of the city, in particular with the completion of the Cerchia dei Naviglia both directions cycle path from via Sforza to via De Amicis , giving completeness to a widely used itinerary; increase user safety; concretely increase the green endowment of the city through the redevelopment and creation of 5,500 square meters of new green areas and the planting of 200 new trees and shrubs.

Projects can be downloaded  HERE

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