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From green Condo to cohousing

Friday, 16 February 2018

We talk a lot about sustainable building,but there can also be a way of sustainable living. This is demonstrated by some examples of virtuous condos or cohousing that have been focusing on sustainability management styles that ended up also into money savings. In Milan,a green condominium collects waste oil,shares appliances,has financed the transition to LED lights and the refurbishment of the stairs thanks to the saving generated by replacing the old boiler. A condominium in Piacenza has also created sharing spaces: not only for cars or bicycles but also spaces for recreation and socializing activities. In Ferrara, a cohousing complex has not only been built with the nZeb criteria - nearly zero energy building - but is also providing hospitality to families  formed by singles or with children and adolescents to encourage support and socialization. 


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