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B.LIVE and Impresa Rusconi together for nòvAmpère

Tuesday, 06 February 2018
Impresa Rusconi

Impresa Rusconi and nòvAmpère join B.LIVE for "Stories di #cantiere e #quartiere", a journey within city stories and places to allow residents to discover their Milano. This includes Città Studi, the Old Milan historic area , with a strong university focus that is today experiencing a new phase.The new nòvAmpère residential project whose work in progress will be reported by the B.Livers is part of it.

B.Livers will aim to give an image of Milan as it appears to people who believes in a #MondoMigliore by using videos,photos and interviews.

"Storie di #cantiere e #quartiere" project intends to communicate emotions, passions, stories. A bridge between the City business and life, between you and us, between today and tomorrow.

As a first step, B.LIVErs have been monitoring  the progress of works in nòvAmpère together with the site manager and about 70 workers this last month. 

Then B.Livers met and interviewed the management of the three companies participating to the project (Gestimm,Mangiavacchi Pedercini and Impresa Rusconi)who told them why nòvAmpère is to be considered an #EcoFriendly construction as well as a cutting-edge project.It has been designed as an old Milanese court with a wide internal park that includes a central fountain,benches and tall trees which all will form a green lung for Milan. 

The B.Livers are young boys, suffering from serious chronic diseases, who take part to the B.LIVE project,that means "Being, Believing and Living in a Better World". In their logo, the point between the words B and LIVE is a bolt, a symbol of cohesion and strength. During one of the visits to the construction site the guys wanted to do something special: leave a wish to all future nòvAmpère tenants by leaving a bolt into a concrete cast ,as a symbol of good luck for a better future. During this first part of the journey to discover the shipyard, the B.LIVE guys have also launched a challenge. Will the company finish a sample apartment in 45 days? It must be finished, furnished and functional. The construction manager confirmed that, thanks to the hard teamwork and the skill of his workers, the challenge will be achieved!

Week after week the B.Livers will make us live new emotions by facing various interesting topics through their approach to constantly look at the future. 

Stay tuned!.


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Impresa Rusconi       Impresa Rusconi
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