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Broadband label on arrival for the new Buidings

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Ministry of Economic Development introduced the official "Building planned for broadband" label which will allow citizens and businesses to know the building wiring typology. The initiative is a consequence of what stated by the “ Testo unico sull’edilizia” art. 135 bis, which makes the multi-service infrastructure application mandatory for all new buildings and for all restructuring initiatives leading to a new building that is different, in whole or in part, from the previous one or that involves changes of its previous intended use. The label, which can only be released by an electronic installer, is ,at the moment, on a voluntary basis and aims to enhance the value of the property during the sales process. A guide, created by Confindustria Digitale, Assimpredil Ance e Anitec-Assinform, explains the designers,Construction firms and Public Sector obligations and responsibilities.


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