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Better air in the cities due to new building developments

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Professional engineers,architects and designers are on the forefront to contain pollution within the cities.

Internationally adoption of new technologies and materials able to prevent air pollution in the big cities increases consensus. Among others the "foreste verticali by Boeri", the moss developped by the Polish studio  FAAB, that is able to absorbe  pollution elements like nitrous oxide and ozone , the Dutch Dan Roosengaard's smog free towers.

Another great invention : the Self-cleaning concrete.Enriched cement with Titanium oxide minerals,which oxidise with sunlight to brake down pollutants before they can bind with the surface.

Impresa Rusconi ,too, has been long caring about the environment  : in Via Manzotti We have built a “facciata verde” in 2014, in Via Marco d’Agrate We built just on the side of Parco Sud, a green lung not far from the center of Milano,and, shortly, we will be building a new  gas-free residential construction,in Via Ampère 56, the facade of which will be done with the self cleaning concrete.The building will be furnished with heating and cooling system based on heat-pumps and completed by an internal  big green building park. 

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