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Torre Milano
The City Elevates You

Torre Milano is the new residential tower in the centre of Milan for people who love the thrill of living close to the sky, but know deep down nothing is more extraordinary than everyday life.

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With the Changing City

Central, liveable and hyper-connected, Torre Milano rises between Isola and Maggiolina, a stone’s throw away from Porta Nuova. It is the ideal place to partake in the big transformations that are changing the face of Milan: a people-oriented neighbourhood only four blocks from the Central Station, close to two underground stations and a short walk from piazza Gae Aulenti and the Biblioteca degli alberi (Library of Trees).

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The rear facade of the tower and, in the background, the skyline of the Isola Garibaldi district.
A Home to Suit You

Torre Milano features 105 apartments arranged on 23 floors. One, two, and three bedroom apartments and duplexes are designed to fill the real needs of people and families, with outdoors spaces and interior layouts emphasising comfort and liveability without renouncing prestigious finishes.
*83 attualmente commercializzati

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Gli appartamenti estremamente vivibili grazie all'ottimizzazione degli ambienti e a capitolati completi ed equilibrati.
Room for Leisure Time

Torre Milano offers amenities and common areas that contribute to elevating the lives of its inhabitants. A swimming pool and a gym for exercising, a co-working space for combining life and work, a party room and a play area for children, a belvedere and a garden for residents to enjoy the greenery and the sun.

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With a length of 20 meters, the condominium swimming pool is the ideal place to perform your own training sessions.
A Milanese Project

Torre Milano is a Milanese project from ground level to top floor. It is the result of a collaboration between three major players in the city’s construction industry: Impresa Rusconi, and the architecture firm Beretta Associati, which designed the building according to the typical elements of Milanese architecture.

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The main entrance is positioned at the end of via Stresa.
TM  Torre Milano

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OPM srl
Progetto Architettonico
Beretta Associati
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