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Vivi Montecatini

Solari Living

Vivi Montecatini offers maximum comfort and wellbeing, thanks to cutting-edge technology and rationally designed, cosy homes, where high-quality materials translate to quality of life.


costruttori milanesi


impresa rusconi + borio mangiarotti

architectural project:

calzoni architetti

via montecatini 5-7 milan


“Solari Living” is the motto that helps us describe Vivi Montecatini, the project we developed in the Solari area. The motto expresses both the idea of putting people and their well-being at the centre, and the vitality of the area—solare means “cheerful” in Italian. The historic Milan neighbourhood is full of shops, green areas, cultural activities and events.

The perfect house in Solari

Together with Calzoni Architetti, a leading name in Milanese architecture, and our partners in this project, Borio Mangiarotti, we designed a forty-seven apartment building, set in a 2,600 square metre private park. We carefully studied the floorplans and focused on energy efficiency and facilities, which include the indoor swimming pool, open all year round, overlooking the garden.

5.500 sqm

Commercial area


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Impresa Rusconi, cantiere di innovazione

Impresa Rusconi è una storica impresa di costruzione che opera a Milano da più di cent’anni. Alla cultura e all’eccellenza del costruire unisce oggi capacità imprenditoriali e conscenze finanziarie che l’hanno resa protagonista della trasformazione urbana milanese.