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Residenza Scarsellini

Beauty Within Reach

Residenza Scarsellini, completed in 2014, was designed to combine aesthetics and affordability, offering contemporary interior spaces at a fair price.


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impresa rusconi

architectural project:

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via scarsellini 13 milan


Thanks to the perfect mix of design and function, Residenza Scarsellini succeeds in providing beautiful, convenient and comfortable housing. The façade, clad in natural stone with bronze mouldings, is a clear example of a careful focus on aesthetics, embodying the idea that beauty makes for better living.
detail of the entrance

A welcoming home in Affori

Residenza Scarsellini is located in the historic Affori neighbourhood. The homes with large terraces feature details that make them unique, from double-height living rooms to bright windows.

4.800 sqm

Commercial area


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Impresa Rusconi, cantiere di innovazione

Impresa Rusconi è una storica impresa di costruzione che opera a Milano da più di cent’anni. Alla cultura e all’eccellenza del costruire unisce oggi capacità imprenditoriali e conscenze finanziarie che l’hanno resa protagonista della trasformazione urbana milanese.