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Cascina Merlata

Lot R5.3

The complex, for subsidized residential use, is located in the new district of Cascina Merlata. Located in the north-west area of Milan, Cascina Merlata is characterized by high accessibility, as well as numerous services available to citizens and excellent environmental quality.


greenway srl

project manager:

impresa rusconi

architectural project:

beretta associati

via pierpaolo pasolini 3, milan


The main front of the project, made up of 11 floors above ground, overlooks Via Pasolini and the secondary one, made up of 10 floors above ground, faces the historic farmhouse, the heart of the community of the new district.
The rationalist facade of the building

The characteristics of the project

The project saw the construction of 170 apartments, ranging from studios to four-room apartments. All units are characterized by rational cuts that guarantee liveability and usability of the space and are equipped with external areas such as loggias and large terraces.

16.107 square meters

Commercial area




The project boasts a privileged position within the entire Plan Cascina Merlata The area overlooks the park to the east but also has access to via Daimler to the west, which connects it to the adjacent urban system near via Gallarate and M1 Molino Dorino station. Furthermore, a large internal garden guarantees privacy but, thanks to coordination with the adjacent buildings of the property, offers the perception of a small park.

Designed by the Beretta Associati, lot R5.3 of Cascina Merlata was built by Greenway srl, a company that brings together 6 of the most historic construction companies and real estate developers operating in the Lombardy region. Impresa Rusconi, in addition to being a member of the consortium, held the role of Project Manager of the entire operation.

expected completion

2nd quarter 2023

actual completion

october 2023

chi siamo

Impresa Rusconi, cantiere di innovazione

Impresa Rusconi è una storica impresa di costruzione che opera a Milano da più di cent’anni. Alla cultura e all’eccellenza del costruire unisce oggi capacità imprenditoriali e conscenze finanziarie che l’hanno resa protagonista della trasformazione urbana milanese.