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Innovating the tradition
Our vision and values

We want to be recognised for the cultural achievement and building excellence of our housing solutions, which contribute to the wellbeing and satisfaction of those who live in them: a company that delivers innovation and the highest standards of housing construction and technology and, as a result, becomes one of the most respected brands in the Milan housing market.


To deliver housing solutions with Passion, Care and Perseverance while putting Customer Satisfaction at the heart of everything We do.


To treat people with Respect at all times, from co-workers to customers, and insist on mutual respect as a business imperative.


To be Open, Clear and Accurate in our communications and behaviour to avoid any possible doubt or misunderstanding of our meaning or intention.


To make a difference, in the evolution and implementation of housing solutions, by building each of our projects on a foundation of technical expertise and innovation and, then, ensure We are Responsible, Reliable and Punctual in delivering our solutions by implementing strict quality controls at every stage of the building process.


To maintain the excellent reputation that Impresa Rusconi has established over the past 100 years and, through our commitment to innovation, to continue to strengthen the company brand in years to come.


To know how to listen, motivate and share with the emphasis on Team Work. Collaborate actively with people both inside and outside of the company.


To adopt a policy of continual improvement, development and innovation with regards to our housing solutions and internal processes.

Customer Satisfaction

To maintain a focus on customer satisfaction, delivering a professional and effective service that earns our customers' trust and translates into positive references that we can refer to in the future.


To invest for our future growth and pursue success not just for our company but for all of those who collaborate with us and so should share in our success.