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Torre Milano: Foundations laying down day

Monday, 13 January 2020
Impresa Rusconi

Torre Milano Foundations works started this morning.

A small cerimony was held in the construction site with the presence of OPM developers,Studio Beretta Designer, Nessi&Maiocchi construction company and the B.LIVE boys.

As a good luck gesture and as it was already done in nòvAmpère,Impresa Rusconi and Storm.it,stakeolders of OPM,wanted to have the boys of B.LIVE by their side.

This morning infact the B.Live boys have posed within the foundation a "time capsule" containing a bolt,the B.LIVE symbol, to proudly trasmit and spread their main message:" To Be,to believe,to live".

All images of the morning can be seen within the Torre Milano "Live from the construction site".

Also within the Press section all the newspapers news regarding the event can be found.

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