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90% of the Torre Milano apartments have been already bought

Tuesday, 20 July 2021
Impresa Rusconi

Torre Milano : A new milestone has been achieved.

Sales have now reached 90% of the available units: out of the 88 apartments in the Tower, 80 have been already bought  and only 8 remain.

Here following their typologies:

- 2 two-bed room apartments with double-height living area

- 3 three - bed room apartments out of which two with double-height living area and internal architectural staircase

- 3 multi-room apartments above 200 square meters

Discover your home by visiting our website  "Apartments" page.

Our Managers are eager to present the entire project to you.

Contact us at the telephone number :+39.02.6599331or via email by writing to info@impresarusconi.it

informations here included are provided in good faith. Any decision taken on the informations here included is subject to your personal check and responsibility.

Impresa Rusconi      
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