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Milano takes part to the Reinventing Cities project

Friday, 02 February 2018

The goal of the Reinventing Cities project is to redevelop the abandoned areas of some of the largest cities in the world, transforming them into new local communities life opportunities and at the same time paying particular attention to the pollution.

The Reinventing Cities project is an initiative promoted by the international C40 network, to which Milan also takes part with  other 19 cities in 14 countries.

Five are the areas on which the project focuses: the Greco-Breda railway , the Scuderie de Montel, the Gorla Town all market  and the today  Viale Doria and Via Serio parking areas. Together with Rio de Janeiro, Milan is the city with the largest number of focused areas to redevelop.

The official announcement is available at this link.

The  importance of this initiative stays in the fact that the project will not aim at enhancing the Town hall economics, but instead will focus on the environmental and social impact improve.

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