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New birth of the scalo Lambrate

Friday, 11 June 2021

Three new squares, 307 new social housing units for sale and rent, 41,500 square meters of park, 900 new trees and 65% of green areas. Also: a functional  55,800 public areas square meters  and 2,723 affiliated services square meters mix. Here is what the "Lambrate Streaming" project is about, the winner project  for  the Reinventing Cities former railway area,the international tender launched by the Milan Municipality ,Fs Sistemi Urbani (owner of the area) and C40, a network of administrations engaged in the fight against climate change.

The goal is to transform the area from marginal to a formal hinge among 3 districts: Città Studi, Lambrate and Ortica. The lack of spaces for aggregation and socializing in the neighborhood inspired the designers to draw the masterplan around three local squares, the central one paved and the other two designed for garden, which integrate and extend the actual park. The road system, which also includes two cycle paths, is designed to ensure the area maximum permeability ,by connecting with the existing one. The area was also designed as a restricted traffic area.

The railroad wall, thanks  to Giorgio Milani artist work, will become a wall of memory, linked to the history of the overall railways,the Lambrate railway yard, and to the working-class culture that accompanied the development of one of the traditionally industrial areas from Milan.

The project is part of the broader urban plan for the redevelopment of railway yards, a series of interventions that are restoring significant areas of the city, transforming the city and enriching it with new green areas.

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