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How will Milano look like in the near future?

Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Flower beds, trees, play areas, spaces returned to citizens from traffic : this is Milan's green, slow, smart and friendly turning point, the terms that most reflect the spirit of an ever-changing  international metropolis evolution towards a new identity.

Target is to create a "15-minute" city, in the wake of many other European centers, starting with Paris. That is, a city where all essential services, from the supermarket to the post office to the subway stops, can be reached from home within 15 minutes on foot or by bicycle, in the center as well as in the suburbs.
The pandemic has accelerated this transformation, starting from the improving of cycle paths to the redevelopment of public spaces with tables and play areas to promote socialization in compliance with the pandemic rules of distancing and safety, also by increasing concessions in favor of the public businesses. Due to the smart working, we are also thinking of connecting refreshment and work spaces:  today  there are 65 points already in the city where you can book workstations, also favored by the Nibol app, which connects bars and workers for less busy hours. Thus, the locations are transformed into coworking, while startups such as Offlunch and Streeteat offer the canteen service to those who work from home.

The Forestami program is also proceeding well, with the aim of making Milan the green capital of Italy with 3 million trees by 2030. To date, more than 280 thousand trees have been added, effectively doubling the target and leading to exceed the total of 500 thousand.

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