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Take part to CasAmpère charity auction

Tuesday, 23 October 2018
Impresa Rusconi

NòvAmpère is turning out to be a very succesfull project. The construction site proceeds rapidly and on time towards delivery in October 2019.The 4000 square meters park is on the point to be completed and trees plantation will promptly start.Also 95% of the apartments have been already sold.

This is the reason why We thought it was right to share it with those people that daily care and work to build a better future for the community,as We intended to do by building nòvAmpère.

On Novembre 27th a charity auction will be held to sell casAmpère ,our exclusive apartment in nòvAmpère,a  prestigious three bed rooms apartment, the result of a great  design expertise, with exclusive finishes and designed furnitures that has been so far  our sample apartment . 

The auction base price is € 900,000, roughly a  30% lower than the market value.
the entire amount that will exceed the auction base price will be donated to our selected charity associations.
In case the auction was not succesfull in assigning the apartment ,or GRM wanted to exercise the reserve price, a donation of € 90,000 will be in any case granted to the Associations by the stakeholders:Gestimm,Impresa Rusconi and Mangiavacchi Pedercini.
4 charity associations  have been selected, all operating in different sectors:
B.Live ,a Near Onlus Foundation project that supports children with serious chronic diseases;
Dynamo Camp,the first recreational therapy place in Italy wherein children carrying serious pathologies can spend carefree moments; FAI,the Italian Enviroment Fund that preserves our historical,artistic,cultural and country heritage,since 1975; Corti Foundation that manages Lacor Hospital in Uganda,a hospital of almost 500 beds and 600 local employees.
To take part is simple. Get to our infopoint in via Ampère to sort out how to register for the auction.
Registration will close on 24th November

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Impresa Rusconi       Impresa Rusconi
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