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nòvAmpère contributing to Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci

Tuesday, 06 March 2018
Impresa Rusconi

Redevelopping Piazza Leonardo by nòvAmpère was the topic item of a public meeting held Tuesday, March 27 at City Hall 3.The project that will redesign one of the most beautiful squares of Milan  by the end of 2019 was presented to the citizens. The works,that will be concerning the part of the square facing Viale Romagna, will be carried out entirely at the expenses of nòvAmpère.

"We are pleased to contribute,through our work and our responsible commitment, to make Milan and one of its most beautiful squares, a place and a city where to enjoy more and more to live in" said Carlo Rusconi.

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Il Giorno_24.02.2018

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