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Launch of "school zones" in Milano

Friday, 09 October 2020

The areas with regulated traffic and pedestrians areas in front of the schools are the first examples of "School zones", one of the innovations introduced by the reform of the traffic laws that aim to improve road safety and environmental quality in front of the schools.

A few days after the announcement, work started in three areas of the city: piazza Sicilia, viale Molise and via Toce..

Piazza Sicilia: A new pedestrian area of one thousand square meters will be created and will be equipped with ping pong and picnic tables, benches, bicycle racks and trees.

In via Sacco the sidewalk on the side of the school will be widened along the entire building. The intersection between via Sacco and via Seprio will be made safe, and the pedestrian space available to parents at the school entrance will be expanded.
Connected to these works will be the creation of a cycle route in via Sardegna that is realized through two one way cycle lanes  getting to the Bisceglie-Castello itinerary.
Viale Molise The intervention affects the part of the cross road adjacent to the 'Tommaso Grossi' Comprehensive Institute and via Monte Velino (between viale Molise and via Maspero). A new pedestrian area of about 600 square meters will be created, available to children entering and exiting the school. The space will be equipped with potted trees, benches, racks and ping pong tables. A protected cycle lane will be created in via Monte Velino going opposite direction to the  traffic.

Via Toce: the intervention in this area is more creative as an urban painting will be created on the theme of the value of play as a teaching and aggregation tool that is in addition to the coloring of the paving of via Toce.This will complete the planned work that has already seen the pedestrianization of the section between via Cusio plus the completion of the park named after Bruno Munari, with the installation of benches, picnic tables and ping pong tables, and the creation of a cycle route in via Alserio.

The asphalt will become a picture book, the lampposts  play islands and the sky a nursery rhyme.

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