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Milan,an increasingly green city

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

By 2030, at least 20 new large parks will be created in Milan and the ForestaMi project will continue and will aim to reach 3 million trees. The new directions to Metropolitana Milanese to manage the green of the City state a move from a simple maintenance of the green to its proper management in order to improve the quality of the environment and to control the climate change by involving the citizens with their active participation.

The cornerstone of this new vision is the reassignment of the service to public management through Mm, which works in synergy with the other service providers - from public buidings management to water - and also is able to involve citizens and associations in the many projects that are currently growing in the city and to link new investments to a maintenance activities improvment. This will be implemented gradually to allow a correct transition.

After a start-up phase of the service with  characteristics similar to those currently requested by the global service contract in terms of performance, volumes and minimum guaranted standards, we will then move on to a second scenario which requires innovative and enhanced urban green areas quality improvement,through energy requalification interventions, materials circularity and new dedicated system development , as well as the creation of green infrastructures.

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Impresa Rusconi       Impresa Rusconi
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