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The new squares in Milano

Thursday, 03 December 2020

By the feast of St. Ambrogio,two squares will be returned to the city, deeply renovated in the recent months: Archinto, on the Isola district, and Sant'Agostino.

Piazzale Archinto will reopen with a new Luserna stone flooring and new green flower beds. In the center, a new children's play area.

The restyling of Piazza S.Agostino will give back to the city an area of 7 thousand square meters with 87 trees, ginkgo biloba and maples, hundreds of shrubs, benches and 5 thousand square meters of new  polished asphalt and granite paving. The urban redevelopment works are part of a broader design that wants to restore  these spaces as places of socialization to improve the quality of life among the neighborhoods. For this reason, in the coming months two new squares  which were not there before will also be open: the one between Via Niccolini and Via Bramante, after the redevelopment of the Enel-Porta Volta plan, will host children's games, benches, stone tables, trees and two stone totems that will mark its entrance.

New space also in Via Schievano, in the Romolo district, four thousand square meters as part of "The Sign", the project that aims to transform an industrial area,during the fifties, into a new technological hub. Also  work has just begun on the regeneration of the Dergano district square where the pedestrianization area will be expanded. Same for Piazzale Lavater, where new works will include more pedestrian areas, the laying of six new trees, a renovated pavement and granite benches.

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