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First of all : Care for Detail

Tuesday, 01 December 2020
Impresa Rusconi

Special attention to details, large and rational spaces, terraces, light and comfort have always been distinctive features for our projects.

Here a view of nòvAmpère, the realization that was completed and delivered last year in compliance with the project deadline.

Photos are here showing you the interior of a "double-height" apartment overlooking the 4,000 square meters condominium park. 

In Torre Milano too,our last residential development, we will make several apartments with a more than 4 meters height living area . TAll thi provides guarantee for light, space and wide liveability.

Please visit the Torre Milano section that refers to the apartments and find out your  "double height" home.

informations here included are provided in good faith. Any decision taken on the informations here included is subject to your personal check and responsibility.

Impresa Rusconi       Impresa Rusconi
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