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Is the real estate market immune to the crisis?

Monday, 26 October 2020
From the Market

All the indicators show substantial stability of prices in the real estate sector if We look at the situation in these post-lockdown months.

But to understand whether or not  this will last, it is better go a little deeper into the reasons for this  stability that, in contrast with other sectors,appears to be based on three main reasons.

The first is extremely low interest rates.

Monetary policies to counter the crisis also facilitate those who have to buy a house.

The second reason is based on the request for new spaces suitable not only for living in, but also for working. This translates into a demand for larger, open-space homes that, in some areas, is greater than the supply and this helps keep prices stable.

Demand grew by 15 percent versus the pre-lockdown period and the demand for villas also had a similar rise. The market has also become more dynamic and the semi-central and first belt areas,previously less requested areas, are now taken into consideration .

Last but not least,even the 110% eco-bonus helps the market by pushing restructuring.

The third reason is due to the anti-crisis measures implemented by the government.

Economic support for families and the mortgage moratorium have so far and someway move away the risk of insolvency.

But who is buying? The greatest requests are concentrated in both young families (18-34 years and 35-44 years) with stable income,as well as in 4-5 people families  who during the lockdown suffered from coexistence in confined spaces .

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