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How will Milano be in the future by Patricia Viel

Thursday, 26 November 2020

In an interview, the architect Patricia Viel who, together with Antonio Citterio, designed the A2A Tower and is  running for the restyling of Piazza Loreto, tells us of her vision for Milan in the future.

A city that has to continue its path of development in height to reduce land consumption, reinventing itself in a polycentric key - the city within 15 minutes - in which workplaces, culture and leisure are strongly decentralized to create greater homogeneity and integration.

The redevelopment of the Roman Scalo goes in this direction by bringing together commercial buildings, cultural spaces such as the Prada Foundation, public green spaces and regeneration of the neighboring residential areas. Porto di Mare and Bovisa promise to be the future protagonists of important redevelopment works. In particular, it is needed to stop the consumption of land and intervene on the recovery of existing buildings. About the mobility Viel sees a city at 30 km / h where cycle paths are favored and the car becomes more and more needless for urban travel. However, it is necessary to identify spaces in which to arrange the cars in order to freeing the public land for other uses.

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