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Double pitches of Torre Milano Development at FIDEC

Wednesday, 20 November 2019
Impresa Rusconi

Torre Milano Development was a protagonist at FIDEC 2019 in two dfferent sessions.

Yesterday November 19th  at "Waiting for FIDEC" held at the Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milan, Ing. Carlo Rusconi, president of Impresa Rusconi, presented  their breakthrough and innovative  financing experience of Torre Milano Development as the first Milanese project that collected some funds through  an equity crowdfunding executed thanks to the collaboration of Concrete Investing.

Today, November 20th, Torre Milano was still a protagonist of the Forum, with the speach of  Ing, Stefano Rusconi who together with Bticino presented another unique and innovative feature of the development. Torre Milano will in fact be the first Alexa Built In building thanks to Bticino's My Home App.

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Impresa Rusconi       Impresa Rusconi
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