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New Milan development projects funded through the Recovery funds

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

The Recovery Fund will finance new projects for Milan too, and will make possible to enhance public transport, extend the subways and work on social housing, and allow the development of the Lombard metropolis to be accelerated.

Urban planning presents also novelties for 2021: from the closing of the Porta Vittoria construction site to the new  works in CityLife with the horizontal skyscraper, up to Porta Nuova whose works are planned to end within the year. The renovation of other squares is also in plan to continue making the city greener and more human oriented, by recovering public spaces for the use of citizens. There will also be room for culture.

In addition to the competition notice to expand the Museo del Novecento to the second Arengario, also the Adi Design Museum and an Etruscan one are in plan.

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