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Government help to buy a house

Friday, 07 May 2021

Within the PNRR there is a provision that could give a strong boost to the real estate market thanks to the state guaranteing  up to 100% the young people mortgages.

A measure that affects youngs under 35  who often struggle to buy a house due to the lack of availability of loans. Thanks to this provision, a little cash might be sufficient, also because it is said  the taxes relating to the purchase of the property and the stipulation of the loan will be waved,while only the notary's fees and agency costs would remain.

The market is anyway moving and the requested loan amounts  are also improving, 138,166 euros on average, and those actually disbursed, 141,331 euros: the fact that the second figure is higher than the first can be explained by assuming a greater share of applications rejected to those who ask less. and which obviously can give fewer guarantees. In 95% of cases, the choice went to the fixed rate.

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