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Buy a house? It is increasingly digital..

Thursday, 15 October 2020

The trend emerged during the lockdown and consolidated with the Social distancing .Virtual tours and videoconferences  have become an habitual practice that changed also tools and habits of selling and buying.
 But for those who look at the house as an investment and not only as the place where to live, Big Data come in handy, helping to know short term price changes as well as to predict future trends by also providing information about local services , demographics or environmental risks.
Artificial Intelligence helps to aggregate and analyze data and is now the basis for several startups and applications. They range from AirHome ARP which has already listed 20,000 apartments on the basis of the return on investment and is more oriented towards small investors to Epona, designed more for those who look at the house with a financial perspective, which analyzes  million of data points to build a forecasting system for price trends.
 Realprice and Agentpricing, on the other hand, provide real estate reports for professionals.

And the real estate crowdfunding, an investment in the development of new real estate projects, up to now the prerogative of institutional investors, also opens up to retail. This segment is still in its infancy, with platforms such as Concrete Investing, but it is already attracting considerable capital. If it coninues to evolve at this pace, the way we look at homes will be radically transformed by digital over the next few years.

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