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casAmpère and Sundar: Nature inside your home

Friday, 04 May 2018
Impresa Rusconi

The casAmpère greenery: the advanced with Nature apartment with the Nature inside!

nòvAmpère is our latest residential project.It is surrounded by greenery in the heart of Città Studi, and combines innovation with tradition. To make it even more special and advanced we have tought of creating casAmpère, which is not only a sample apartment, but a unique experience in showing new housing solutions for the entire current real estate landscape.

casAmpère is in fact a fully furnished and functional apartment located on the first floor of nòvAmpère that hosts events and activities aimed at involving customers, institutions and operators  and becomes even more unique thanks to Sundar Italia, an Italian company that designs and put together vertical gardens since 2007.

And it is a beautiful vertical wall  first thing that the visitor sees when entering the the apartment.

A 16 square meters green  wall has been done in casAmpère.It is is made up of 10 different plant species ficus benjamina included.

Recently vertical gardens have been of great success.In addition to being a unique decorative element,they reinvigorate the relationship between man and the Nature that always raises emotions through its vitality.

"The design - says Alessandro Marinello, founding partner of Sundar Italia - starts analyzing our customers needs and the environment style in which the garden must be installed. Our goal is to create unique products that cannot be homologated"

 "In casAmpère We have installed a garden with an open circuit, thanks to which the plants are being  irrigated stright from the system without any need of local customer intervention.

All Sundar installations are remotely controlled by the Company that checks the correct working and more precisely ensures the room apartment remains constant ane the plants are being properly watered and illuminated. illuminated.

All the plants are tropical ones and customers may choose the prefered mix from over one  hundred  species.

The wall can therefore be totally customized: more or less grazing,flowery,coloured....a solution for every taste.

as maintenance,a vertical garden does not require special attention.It is recommended just one check per year to check everyting properly works and one or two interventions to prune the plants,except for those customers with little experince that aim to personally take care of these aspects.

Vertical gardens are enjoying great success all over the world and Sundar is actually present in many Countries that include: Switzerland,Tunisia,United Arab Emirates,Russia.

in Italy,as well as in casAmpère,Sundar made hundreds of indoor and outdoor gardens for private customers and companies including Diesel,which wanted to get a 250 MQ garden for its headquarter based in the province of Vicenza...Vertically of course.

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Impresa Rusconi       Impresa Rusconi
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