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CULTI Milano within casAmpère

Monday, 28 May 2018
Impresa Rusconi

Within casAmpère We find many innovative topics.CasAmpère  is a unique example among the different visitable housing solutions currently available in Milano. It is the sample apartment that stands out as the symbol of nòvAmpère, our project that is "ahead by nature".

And just to be "ahead" ,we have selected CULTI Milano to make casAmpère scented and uniquely fragrant. CULTI Milano offers people "the opportunity to choose their own fragrance ,which will accompany them in their homes and in their lives".

To furnish casAmpère, CULTI  has selected  ARAMARA, a unique citrus-based fragrance made up with grapefruit,bitter orange and bergamot,perfectly mixed with the harmony of sandalwood.

CULTI Milano was founded in 1988 when Mr Alessandro Agrati undertook his personal research into the link between the design world and the world of the senses, something that would revolutionise the very way in which people experience spaces and objects.

30 years after that intuition,CULTI is now spanning is business over many international Countries and is quoted on the Milano stock exchange.

Giovanni Casale, Culti Milano Sales Marketing Director said:" CULTI MIlano and nòvAmpère,a combination of excellences that can be found in casAmpère.A project in line with CULTI Milano design and innovation" 

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Impresa Rusconi       Impresa Rusconi
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