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The Between B.LIVE and nòvAmpère Accepted Challenge

Wednesday, 04 April 2018
Impresa Rusconi

Do you remember when we started the collaboration with B.Livers? In January, the B.Livers guys came to the construction site and meet the people who use to work there every single day. At that time they challenged us on whether We would manage to build a sample apartment in just 45 days. Obviously it had to be a fully functioning apartment.

Well, today we can proudly say that we have achieved this challenge by having finished in time "casAmpère".

It was really exciting to enter casAmpère fully furnished and finished for both the B.LIVE guys and us. What makes it even more special is obseving the works that are still going on outside the window, while casAmpère is already ready to be lived.

During this month the B.Livers have been checking in details the progressing works of both: nôvAmpère and  the casAmpère within it, and We have not missed any detail to make sure to fully win this exciting challenge.

At the moment when We opened the door of casAmpère to them,We have been paid back for all the hard work We have done by observing their  amazed and surprised expressions on their faces. It was not easy to perform the job ,also due to the unstable wheather ,but the whole team has worked really hard to get to the target!

casAmpère is a concentration of green and technology. In it  there is a wonderful green wall, made up with different types of plants that are being watered by a sophisticated panel system. A home automation system has been installed throughout the apartment to take under control every single corner of the apartment through your smartphone and a sauna and turkish bath have been installed in one of the two bathrooms to ensure that our customers won't miss anything.

Regarding our Customers,the B.Livers aranged to meet and interview  a couple of them in casAmpère that were pride to express their joy in coming to live their future apartment in nòvAmpère.

Being able to make many families happy by offering them the house of their dreams is our vision becoming real.

Impresa Rusconi together with the B.Livers wish future tenants a great and better future in nòvAmpère.

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Impresa Rusconi       Impresa Rusconi
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