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The construction of the Olympic Village is now underway

Friday, 13 November 2020

The area of the former Scalo Romana which will be at the center of one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in Europe,was awarded for the construction of the Olympic village,

Extending over 187,300 square meters, this project will allow not only the recovery and redevelopment of a large abandoned area, but also to directly connect two large urban areas, currently separated from the railway yard. The area, which is only 2.5 kilometers  far from the Duomo, is at the center of an urban revolution. 

The Olympic Village will be built here, the Prada Foundation, one of the main cultural centers of Milan, is already there,and the construction of the A2A skyscraper as well as that of the Symbiosis Business District are underway. Nexxt, the new Fastweb headquarters, is also located here.

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Impresa Rusconi       Impresa Rusconi
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