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Vivere Solari is a living concept that puts people first. A development designed with your comfort and wellbeing in mind, with unique services, innovative technologies and sensitively designed spaces created with carefully chosen materials - all of which translates into a better all round quality of life.

Comfortable apartments, combining effortless style with common sense design, where you will feel right at home.

From the spacious one- and two- bedroom modular apartments to prestigious detached houses with private gardens and multiple bedrooms, all of our housing solutions offer a combination of style and comfort to give you the best quality of life. Wooden floors and large windows create a bright and attractive ambience; the outdoor utility room is practical and convenient; the expansive balconies offer some welcome additional living space and the internal double hight apartments have their own unique style and beauty. All of the properties benefit from the latest technological innovations in heating and home automation, to make your life easier and optimise energy efficiency.

Vivere Solari is the result of a collaboration between two of Milan's most respected and long-standing building companies, Impresa Rusconi and Borio Mangiarotti.

The choices that these two highly experienced companies have made for Vivere Solari have turned it into a premium housing development offering all the top-end services you could want along with the latest technological innovations. The combined history and expertise that has created Vivere Solari makes it a safe investment for years to come.

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