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Torre Milano
It’s time you lived in the home you always dreamt of. The one that is perfect for you.

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You’re in Torre Milano, in the heart of the changing city. Close to Porta Nuova yet far from the chaos, connected to the rest of the world but with a unique view before you. So that tomorrow, when you’re in Luxembourg or Hong Kong for a meeting, you’ll feel emotional remembering the view of the mountains and the Milan skyline from your terrace.  

Because home is home and work is work. That’s why there is a shared co-working space you can use to wrap up that important project or to make a conference call first thing in the morning.

And if time is never enough, don’t waste any.
From Torre Milano you can quickly reach the restaurants, theatres, boutiques, events and cool spots in the city centre. And you can keep fit in the twenty-metre swimming pool or in the gym, just a lift ride away.

Impresa Rusconi
With a length of 20 meters, the condominium swimming pool is the ideal place to perform your own training sessions.

You don’t need to go far to find your wellbeing. Relax in the sensory shower or in the Jacuzzi, invite old friends over for dinner or to simply enjoy the view from up here, whilst you toast to your latest success.

Life is now.

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da Martedì a Sabato
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