Torre Milano
It’s been decided: in the next house, you will move in together. It’s time to make plans in Torre Milano.

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Torre Milano is the right place for people who want to put down roots, but also for people who are keen to keep moving: wherever it is you want to go, from here it will take no time. Two underground stations, the Central Station and the ring road are just around the corner.

When you’re at home, you can enjoy your everyday life and forget the rest: go shopping in the supermarket, have dinner together, go for a run in the green areas of Piazza Carbonari and along the Martesana canal.

Planning an evening with friends? You choose: reach Isola or the city centre on foot in twenty minutes. Or invite your friends to yours, where there’s finally enough space for everyone.

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Torre Milano apartments are planned with your habits and needs in mind. They emphasise comfort and liveability. There is a shared co-working space so you can work from home, a swimming pool and a gym so you can keep exercising, the belvedere on top of the tower so you can keep looking at Milan from above.

And perhaps plan the next steps together.

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da Martedì a Sabato
ore 10:30 – 19:00

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