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The internal park is one of the condominium's communal facilities and is therefore reserved for residents of nòvAmpère.

The first floor of nòvAmpère is unusually high above ground level to offer greater security against potential break ins: the actual height above ground varies with the level of the pavement running alongside the building, taking it from 5 metres to 5.8 metres in some places, while the parapets protuding from the lodges are between 6.1 metres and 6.9 metres from the ground. A caretaker is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and able to monitor all aspects of the building through a CCTV system (and raise an alarm if necessary) adding a further guarantee of security. The windows on the first floor are also protected by special anti-burglar rolling shutters to make the apartments even safer.

The armoured shutters used on the first floor are a new product that combines two types of protection in one, easily and effectively: safety grilles (that allow light and air through) and armoured shutters for maximum protection. You simply select the mode that you want to use at the time from the choice of two possible configurations.

The North frontage of the building is about 9 meters from the wall that separates nòvAmpère from the other properties .It is around 13.5 metres from the Via Ampere 58 building and 16,5 metres from the corner of the Via Poggi 29 building.

No, a garage is available as an optional extra so that customers can decide whether or not they want to buy one with their new apartment.

The condominium services have been designed to minimise the management demands and costs, and are therefore limited to cleaning and heating the rooms. A condominium administrator will be appointed and work with a team (including a porter) to manage the building in line with the agreed terms.

The condominium car wash will be free to use, you just have to book a time slot with the porter.

The garbage disposal area is located next to the stairwell on the first floor underground.

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), or 'composite wood', is a material made from 60% natural pulverized wood fibres and 40% special polymer resin and additives. The WPC panels and planks are very similar to those made of natural wood and combine the aesthetic appeal of natural wood with the practical advantages of plastic resin, so they look great and last a long time without much maintenance.

The air in nòvAmpère is cooled through a ceiling-mounted radiant system using chilled water that has been produced by geothermal heat pumps. The chilled water circulates through the radiant panels and maintains the desired room temperature; at the same time, the mechanical ventilation and humidity control system combine to deliver the perfect thermo-hygrometric comfort, so you don't get the sense of blasting cold air that comes with regular air conditioning systems.
However, if you would prefer to recreate the instant chill of a traditional air conditioner you can use the mechanical ventilation system to cool and dehumidify the air coming into a particular room or the whole apartment.

Impresa Rusconi
Impresa Rusconi

The mechanical ventilation system draws exhausted air (that has been saturated with water vapour, carbon dioxide, pollutants and bacteria etc) out of the apartment. The air is then pushed out of the building through a heat exchanger and replaced with fresh air. This ensures all of the rooms are correctly ventilated, creating a more comfortable and healthier environment. The new air is filtered on its way in and either cooled (in the summer) or heated (in the winter) using thermal energy that has been recovered through the heat exchanger itself.

Heat pumps are very sophisticated machines that exchange thermal energy with natural elements such as air, water and earth. The nòvAmpère development has been fitted with geothermal water/water heat pumps that use thermal energy to cool or heat water that is drawn from (and returned to) Milan's groundwater wells. To heat the building's domestic hot water, the heat pump draws on the heat of the ground water and returns it at a slightly lower temperature. In cooling mode the system works in reverse, transferring heat (as thermal energy) from the domestic water back to the ground water.

The heat pumps are located on the first floor of the North building, between staircases six and seven.

The solar panels on the roof are photovoltaic panels that produce electricity. Between them they produce around 70,000 kW/year and have a peak output of around 70kWh. The photovoltaic system will be connected to equipment in the building and all of the electricity produced will be used in the condominium, such as for central heating. In the summer, when energy production is at its height (through the generator) and matched by an equally high demand for cold air (through the heat pump) the solar panels will contribute to the excellent energy exchange management systems already in place, bringing economic savings as well as reducing the building's impact on the environment.
That said, nòvAmpère will also be connected to the national grid to ensure that electricity is still available on the occasions that the electricity produced by the photovoltaic panels is not sufficient to cover the needs of the building. Similarly, any surplus energy generated by the photovoltaic panels will be sold back to the grid, so that it is not wasted. The condominium will only pay the public energy provider the difference between what has been used and what has been returned under the "Exchange on the spot" scheme.

Radiant ceiling panels are the height of energy efficiency: they actually work by "irradiation", a process that involves both the ceiling and the walls in the transmission of thermal energy, creating the so-called "box effect" in which all available surfaces contribute to the heating and cooling of the rooms. Moreover, unlike the floor, the ceiling of a room is not covered. This is important as parquet floor boards, furniture and carpets (for example) are great for insulation but significantly reduce the heat exchange efficiency of the surface they are covering.
Much of nòvAmpère's energy efficiency is due to the carefully planned thermal insulation factors, which gives high protection against atmospheric agents. Even in the coldest winters the use of heating will be very limited as a significant part of the energy needed to heat the rooms will be provided by what are known (in technical terms) as "free contributors", such as the presence of people, their daily activities (eg cooking and watching television) and sunlight coming in through the windows.
The efficiency of the radiant panels will make a real difference in the building, especially in the summer when, thanks to the cooling system, it will be easy to maintain a comfortable temperature without using standard air-conditioning systems that blast out icy air.

Impresa Rusconi
Impresa Rusconi

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