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AmpèreAttici represents a new way of living in Milan and is aimed at those who are looking for a new home with unique features. Each attic is based on the concept of a villa with a garden looking over the skyline of Milan. The attics combine the privacy of an independent unit with the services offered by an innovative housing project such as nòvAmpère.

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Impresa Rusconi

One of the most distinctive features of AmpèreAttici is the clever integration of the interior and exterior. The sheltered and covered patio, which can be enjoyed at any time of year, acts as the architectural heart of the home. Meanwhile the hanging gardens and teak floor of the terrace,which is reminiscent of the deck of a boat, create a private oasis of greenery. There is also a dedicated 'wellness area' with a private spa and sauna/steam bath providing a place where you can completely relax.

Impresa Rusconi
The large living area faces the covered patio and planted green terraces.

The interior layout has been designed by Studio Beretta - a famous name in Milanese and international architecture - and combines an aesthetically pleasing style with practical considerations, such as the extra large windows creating wide illuminated spaces. This is a home where living becomes a pleasure thanks to the quality of the materials and the attenton to detail that is evident throughout.

Impresa Rusconi
Patio is the architectural heart of the house.

AmpèreAttici has been designed for the future from the start. It is therefore equipped with smart technologies ranging from home automation and geothermal energy to photovoltaic panels and a 'smog eating' façade, providing a guarantee of maximum comfort and superior performance without the waste - making 'well-being' synonymous with sustainability.

The penthouse apartments, which are available on one level or as two-storey duplexes, are based on the fourth and fifth floors of nòvAmpère. All of them enjoy access to the multifunctional communal areas and the many services that the new residential project offers, such as a well equipped gym, yoga and pilates room, a 24/7 concierge desk and a dedicated children's play area.

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A cascading waterfall enriches the 4,000 sqm park.

All of the penthouses overlook nòvAmpère's large private park, a 4.000 sqm green area where you can relax or engage in physical activities, with a children's area and a large fountain in the centre.

AmpèreAttici is a top quality home and a valuable investment that has been designed and built by three companies - Gestimm, Impresa Rusconi and Mangiavacchi Pedercini - all financially sound, competent and trustworthy businesses, each with more than 60 years of experience in construction and real estate.

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