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Impresa Rusconi
Developing property since 1907
1907. Impresa Rusconi founded

Carlo Rusconi founded his Company in 1907. While he was a native of Binago (near Como, Italy), he moved to Switzerland to build his very first developments in Winterthur and Davos.

Impresa Rusconi
Winterthur (Switzerland) | Apartments | 1907
1919. After World War One

All building activities were put on hold during the First World War. In 1919, as soon as the war was over, Carlo moved back to Treviso (near Venice) and relaunched his business. He personally contributed to the rebuilding of the Italy by working for both private and public sector clients on projects ranging from apartments to council housing and civic buildings, including a significant project for the INPS (the Italian State Pension Institution).

Impresa Rusconi
Parma | INPS | 1927 - 1928
1927. Milan

In 1927 the Company moved to Milan and entered a period of expansion. They constructed many large buildings during this period, particularly in the public arena. These include the Hospital Maggiore di Niguarda and the INPS Piazza Missori building in Milan, the Trade Union Building in Porta Vittoria, the Military Hospital in Baggio, the Hospital Principessa di Piemonte in Bergamo and the council housing estate in Galvairate.

Impresa Rusconi
Milan | Maggiore di Niguarda Hospital | 1931 - 1937
1931. National expansion

In 1931 the rapidly expanding business was able to take on projects right across Italy. These included the Grosseto Post Office building,the Camaldoli Hospital in Naples ,the E.U.R and Termini Station in Rome and others in Turin.

The outbreak of World War II and the sudden death of Carlo Rusconi led to the Company reducing its output for a while. Eventually Carlo's son, Petro Carlo Rusconi, took over the running of the family business, giving it renewed strength and impetus.

Impresa Rusconi
Grosseto | Poste Building | 1931-1932
1945. Post World War II

From 1945 onwards the Company was awarded many significant building projects for private and public sector clients. These included offices for RAI (the national TV and broadcast company) in Corso Sempione, Milan and many large residential developments in the Milan area, namely Via Andrea Doria, Via Mauro Macchi, Via Vigoni, Piazzale Libia, Via Morosini and Viale Lazio. They were also responsible for the redevelopment of industrial buildings including the Pirelli Bicocca building, another RAI building and public sector projects including the firestations in Milan and Monza and the Hesemberg schools in Mose' Bianchi, Monza.

Impresa Rusconi
Milan | RAI Offices | 1939 - 1942Milano | Sede RAI | 1939-1942
Sixties and Seventies

In the 1960s and '70s Impresa Rusconi expanded its portfolio with several public sector projects, such as the Istituto per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori (the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Tumours) and new schools in Arcore, Monza and Villasanta. They also worked on privately-owned industrial buildings (the Hoescht factory in Pero, Milan and the Bertuzzi plant in Brugherio). At the same time, the Company built several new residential developments of its own, at Via Scarampo and Via Teodorico, along with smaller estates in Arcore. Towards the end of the 1970s Pietro's son Carlo joined the team; the third generation to be involved in the family business.

Impresa Rusconi
Brugherio (MI) | Bertuzzi Plant | 1960 - 1961
Eighties and Nineties

The Company continued to work for a range of clients, building schools in Nova Milanese, Locate Triulzi and Monza along with residential buildings in Bollate, Monza and Arcore. At the same time Impresa Rusconi stepped up work on its own initiatives, creating a string of new residential developments in the Milan area (in Via Canonica, Via Balestrieri, Via Bruzzesi, Via Vigliani, Via Monte San Genesio, Via Prampolini, Via Arese, Via Molino delle Armi, Via Annibal Caro, Via Soffredini and Via Grado). In 2006, just one year before the Company celebrated its centenary, the fourth generation of the Rusconi family (Stefano Rusconi) joined the team.

Impresa Rusconi
Milano | Via Taormina Buiding | 1988 - 1989
Over 100 years of experience

With more than 100 years of construction experience behind it, and a portfolio covering residential, commerical, industrial, civic and public sector buildings, Impresa Rusconi has an enviable reputation for technical and professional expertise, management dynamism and financial strength. Looking ahead, the Company is now concentrating its attention on providing a range of residential schemes and developments, mostly in the Milan area, to meet both the needs and aspirations of a broad customer base.